The world’s most relaxing song.

If you’re looking for something that will really, really relax you, look no farther than the Mindfulness Pack on the website. It has four tasty tracks that mix soothing synthesizer music and binaural beats to create a truly unique meditative experience. There are tracks for quick meditation, endorphin release and lucid healing, but the real find here is the fourth and final track entitled “The World’s Most Relaxing Song”, a 9-minute track that will truly immerse you into the deepest relaxation you’ll ever feel. I’ve yet to try out the other tracks, but if it can relax me to the point of pure calm, then I’d expect the other tracks to work wonders as well. This album is a real find.

Mindfulness in a nutshell.

Lately I’ve been practicing mindfulness to help me cope with insane levels of anxiety I’ve been feeling lately. It is possible for me to control this anxiety by giving my mind something else to focus on besides the problems that keep stressing me out. I recently found this article that describes a very simple but effective technique that eliminates my anxiety in less than a minute. In essence, this is the concept of mindfulness in a nutshell, and it really works. Trust me on this.