Pi: The Play.

(Man #1 is sitting at his desk. A knock is heard offstage.)

​Man #1: 3.14.

(Man #2 nervously enters)

​Man #2: (tentatively) 1592653?

​Man #1: 589793. (motions to seat. Man #2 sits down) 23846?

​Man #2: 26433832795.

Man #1: (angrily) 0!

Man  #2: (defensively) 2!

Man #1: (stands up, very angry) 8!

Man #2: (stands up, also angry) 8!

Man #1: (shouting) 4197169?

Man #2: 3!

Man #1: 9937510582!

Man #2: 0974944!

(The two men stare at each other in silence)

Man #1: 59?

Man #2: 23.

(The two men shake hands before Man #2 exits. Man #1 sits back down behind his desk and resumes working.)


Along the Trail of Pi.

Along the Trail of Pi
I see numbers arranged
In an indecipherable forest
Reaching beyond the horizon
And creating a sense of awe
That draws me in deeper.
As I brush past the 1’s and the 2’s,
Step over the branching 4’s
And climb through the towering 8’s
My sense of direction is distorted.
As delirium begins to descend,
I have no choice but to turn back
And accept the popular notion
That the Trail of Pi
Is a never ending wonder.