How to woodburn a Trollface.

Recently I decided to undertake an ambitious woodburning project to create a smoky rendering of the famed Trollface. Here’s how I did it.

I began by stealing acquiring a piece of scrap wood measuring 8.5 inches by 4.5 inches. At first I thought I could sketch the Trollface directly on the wood but found it trickier than I thought.

Later I came up with a better idea. I downloaded a copy of the image and then used an image viewer to resize it so it’s small enough to place the printout on the wood. Setting the length to 4.5 inches made it too large so I ended up setting it to 4 inches and made sure to maintain the aspect ratio to print the resized image.

Then I used some scissors and clipped the image for taping to the wood.  Afterwards I grabbed my ballpoint pen and pressed down on the paper as I embarked on the essential task of tracing the printed likeness of this mischievous character..


Removing the paper revealed the barely visible impressions on the wood from the tracing. Carbon paper would have come in handy right about now. I’m thinking I should have pressed the pen down harder but at least the impressions were visible enough to mark them with a pencil.


Next I plugged in my woodburner and started the burning process, starting with the outlines first.


After that was done, all I needed to do was fill in the outlines where needed.


And it’s done. Are you jelly?


Commuting to work in the rain.

There were unbelievable amounts of rainfall in South Florida yesterday afternoon, and what better time for that to happen than during my 28-mile commute to work. I came up with this cartoon to summarize my frustration of driving under such horrid conditions. Not only did I have to worry about the wet roads but I also had to watch out for the other drivers whose levels of intelligence diminish with high humidity.


Trollface saves the day. For real.


Today, Trollface truly saved the day for me. It was yet another dreadful day at work, and there I was, seated at my computer with headset on and taking tech support calls. The calls had been coming in fast and furious all week and they were really wearing me down. I found it hard to sound cheerful over the phone while already being crushed with the heavier than usual workload I’ve had to face lately.

With each call I got I pasted the notes into Notepad for future reference. With the calls coming in so fast, Notepad was soon overflowing with notes, just like any other day I’ve gone through on the job. The monotony and repetition became unbearable and I felt severely downbeat. I had to do something to break this vicious cycle and boost my spirits at the same time.


It was at that time I began wondering about an ASCII version of the famous Trollface. I did a quick search and less than a minute later I found this page that had what I was looking for. I highlighted the text and pasted the Trollface text into my call notes.

Instantly the biggest smile shot across my face. My stress melted away instantly and my spirits got the tremendous boost they needed for me to work the rest of my shift with a much better frame of mind. It’s almost like Trollface has magic powers. The transformation I felt during that instant was amazing. Just minutes before I was feeling stressed out and overwhelmed but after pasting Trollface into my call notes, my stress melted away at the amusing sight from Notepad. Maybe Trollface does have magic powers.

Later on that day my shift got even better. The pace of the calls slowed down to a much more relaxing pace and I was able to have an actual good day for once. I think Trollface had something to do with that too.

I have a newfound respect for Trollface now. While he may be able to manipulate the laws of physics to impossible levels, I will always remember the time he crossed over into the real world and singlehandedly turned my bad day around.

Problem? There is none.