Eulogy for Roxie.

The day I met you
At the shelter
There you were
Pacing in your cage
Showcasing your sweetness
And presenting a solid case
For why I should adopt you
We clicked
And then made a deal
I would rescue you from this place
And you would rescue me from my loneliness
So began your life at your new home
Your bigger world
You lived a good life
Of climbing on my shoulders
Fueling your addiction to catnip
Chasing those red dots
And being my own therapist
With your purrs of wisdom
And now you are gone
Leaving me in my sorrow
Along with one comforting thought
Out of all the cats at the shelter
I’m glad that I chose you
And that you chose me
I will always treasure
The love we shared
That will live forever
Sleep well, Roxie
You will always be
My favorite cat

(March 29, 2002 – February 19, 2019)

A tale of two thugs.

Smith ran down the dark street as fast as his legs could carry him. His body pleaded with him to stop and rest but he was too terrified. He briefly looked behind him and saw the source of his fear, the two armed thugs in full pursuit and closing in fast. He had to think of a quick exit out of this situation and possible demise.

Up ahead he saw a dark alley approaching fast. Smith wasted no time making a quick turn down the alley, hoping the thugs didn’t see him while hoping for a detour to safety. To his horror, there was a dead end ahead, leaving no way out but back on the street he had been so desperate to escape from in the first place. He could hear approaching footsteps as the thugs came closer and closer.

Wait a minute, Smith thought. I’m dreaming. I can get out of here easily.

He reached out with his hand and made a pulling motion as if to open some invisible door. Beyond the invisible door was his bedroom in his waking world, the same bedroom where he awoke from sleep every morning. Smiling, Smith walked towards his bedroom and feeling safe at last, collapsed on his bed for a snooze.

The two thugs stood silently in the alley, not believing what they had just seen. Smith had seemingly disappeared into thin air, but the thugs saw something else that further piqued their interest. The invisible door was still open, allowing them to peek into the strange world beyond. Slowly the thugs walked past the door and into the bedroom where Smith was snoozing. There they both stood at the foot of the bed, watching him sleep. Smiling, one thug turned to the other.

“Let’s get him.”

Kilometers made easy.

I recently came across this page with some  formulas for converting miles to kilometers. There is one that’s simple enough to do in your head:

Divide the number of miles by five and subtract that from the original. Then double the resulting number.

So I started by converting some of the speed limits from around town:

mph km/h
40 64
45 72
65 104
70 112

That’s when I noticed something interesting. When you add 5 to the miles per hour being converted, its metric equivalent goes up by 8. In other words, whenever a speed in miles per hour is a multiple of 5, its corresponding kilometers per hour will be a multiple of 8. Mind blowing or what. It’s then that a pattern begins to form and all of a sudden, understanding kilometers becomes less intimidating.

mph km/h
5 8
10 16
15 24
20 32
25 40
30 48
35 56
40 64
45 72
50 80

And so the pattern continues towards an easier way to understand the metric system.

Phone scam alert.

I recently received a scary-sounding voicemail that went something like this:

Hello. I’m calling in regards to an urgent matter and confirm the delivery of documents. This is time sensitive and extremely important. Please call the following number immediately (number removed). Once again, the number is (number removed). Thank you.

I looked up the referenced phone number and found this site where its users reported that this message reeks of a scam. I found it a bit odd myself as the caller left no contact information other than the phone number. The identities of the caller and the company shall forever remain a mystery although their intentions are anything but beneficial. This message can be safely disregarded and deleted.