Career advice from Lewis.

I recently sent an e-mail to Lewis, the editor of the famed Bizarre News newsletter, in which I sought his advice on changing careers. Here’s what my e-mail read:

Hi Lewis, I’m curious what it takes to get into the e-mail newsletter publishing business. It seems like a nice stable career, which is something I could use right now. I’ve changed jobs 6 times since since I first heard of Bizarre News some 10 years ago and here you are, still at it. I’m guessing electronic publishing might be a good career move for me as well.

My e-mail got published in the reader comments section of Bizarre News in which he added these words of wisdom:

Well, first you have to give up most of your pride and dignity. Then you have to give up any hope of ever making anything out of yourself. Then you have to give up on ever making a decent paycheck. Once you have resigned yourself to all of that you still have to have a bare minimum of talent and ability, not that it’ll ever get you anywhere. It also helps to have a drinking problem.

Thanks, Lewis. I’m all inspired now.

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