The irony of holiday shopping.

The cars stream into the parking lot in one endless single file line, ready to wage inadvertent wars with other cars entering  the same lot from another entrance. Horns blare and insults fly during brief, intense battles for sacred parking spots closest to the store. After the battles end, though, the drivers admit defeat and begin their retreat to the far end of the parking lot, where they begin their long walk towards the store, their minds cluttered with revenge and choice words for those drivers who took their parking spots. Along the way they dodge dimwitted drivers trying to park their clumsy cars.

Once inside the store, the stress levels reach lofty new heights as shoppers roam the store in pursuit of gifts for their acquaintances while nervously anticipating whether this store even has what they’re looking for and whether their intended recipient plans on returning their gift the day after Christmas. Along the way they must yield to other shoppers crowding the aisles during their frantic search of holiday decorations to give their homes a festive mood for the holidays.

Once the intended items have been found and selected, either from the shelves or by force from other shoppers, tensions continue to mount at the checkouts, where inexperienced cashiers stumble and fumble their way through transaction after transaction at their cash registers while trying to ignore the angry stares from inpatient shoppers desperately trying to prepare for a holiday season meant to spread great cheer.

Meanwhile, outside in the parking lot, a lizard rests on a trunk of a tree, relaxing as it basks in the afternoon sun.

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