The Wizard of Pollution Land, Part 12.


Dorothy smiled and handed over the broomstick over to the Wizard, who accepted it with pride.

The Wizard announced, “I believe you are all ready for your prizes. We shall begin with the Lion. You requested for a pair of lead boots. I shall give them to you, but I ask you one favor – enjoy this land of purity to yourself. Why, I went on a balloon right over that land, and I saw no other animal and lots of food that will last you forever!”

The Wizard handed the boots over to Lion. He tried them on and yelled, “It fits!”

The Wizard turned to the Tin Man and said, “You requested for a pair – ahem – a lead umbrella. This will save 16 years for one simple reflex to hoist it over your head and keep your joints moving smoothly. Here is your umbrella.”

“Thank you,” said the Tin Man.

“And Scarecrow, you have earned an oxygen mask. Why in the world can’t those idiots out there in Washington attempt to fix this pollution problem? But for the time being, enjoy your prize.”

To be continued…

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