At the war room.

“How are things going?” the general huffed as he entered the war room.

“Not too good, sir,” replied one of the officials. “The enemy just launched a surprise attack and took back all our thermal reinforcements.”

“Not again!” barked the general. “Launch a counter offensive and recover them quickly before the surface temperature falls too low!”

The orders were issued and the war room fell silent as everyone eagerly awaited for the outcome. Then the phone rang.

“General Fallure here,” the general answered before listening intently. Then his face became distorted with rage. “What do you mean, it didn’t work! I want those thermal reinforcements back! Get our men back out there and don’t let them stop until we win!”

“Um, sir,” one of the officials spoke up, “I’m not sure that’s such a wise course of action.”

“What do you mean?” the general shouted.

“For us to escalate our efforts now will only result in hostilities in the morning. Have you forgotten this so-called enemy is really our closest ally?”

The general fell silent. He knew the official was right. Picking up the phone, he ordered, “Cancel the offensive. We’ll leave things the way they are.”

And so the husband lay shivering through the night as his wife wrapped herself up snugly with a blanket large enough for two.

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