Observations of a crowd.

Right now I am taking some much-needed time off with a trip to Orlando to visit the Disney theme parks. Today I spent the day at Hollywood Studios to enjoy the rides and stayed for the spectacular Fantasmic show in the evening.

I noticed something interesting while waiting for the show to start. As I was looking around to survey the rest of the audience, I saw a small group of people at the other end of the amphitheater try to start The Wave. The first few attempts sputtered but each time a new wave was started, more and more people caught on. Soon there was a large wave that swept across the crowd with nearly everyone participating, myself included.

I think I learned something from all this. All it took to get the crowd going was one man’s idea that spread quickly throughout the amphitheater as more people decided to join in. Today me, that was a powerful demonstration of what a single person can do.

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