Remembering Stick Figure Death Theatre.

One of the most memorable web sites I’ve been to is the original Stick Figure Death Theatre. It had just 4 simple animations of stick figures meeting their demises but it launched something of a revolution as dozens of additional sites appeared to further explore ways to kill stick figures. I too was inspired to create my own animations and share them on the web site I had at one time.

Over time, SFDT allowed visitors to upload their own animations where they were viewed and voted on. There were some seriously good animations to watch and you could easily spend hours watching stick figures meet their respective dooms. Soon there was a separate site for uploading non-stick figure animations for those in the mood for something completely different. SFDT seemed to be well on its way.

Then one day, all that disappeared when all there was to see on the main page was a message reading “We’ll be back shortly.” I checked in from time to time to see if SFDT had in fact returned but there was nothing but that same message. “Shortly” stretched to weeks to months to years until recently when SFDT disappeared altogether. Maybe someday it will return to inspire a new generation of animators.


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