The world’s most gruesome horrorcore song.

Controversial rapper Diz Guzting lived a life as violent as his lyrics. During his short life he released three albums in which he pushed the horrorcore genre beyond the limits of good taste with songs with titles too disgusting to print here, yet they served to win him fans as well as notoriety. After his third album “Eyeball Squisher” was released, he performed songs from the album at local bars, but his shows were always cut short when everyone in the bar became so repulsed by the songs that the audience would begin gagging and vomiting.

Undeterred, Diz Guzting began working on his fourth album and had penned a song so gruesome and horrific that he had to take frequent breaks so he could finish gagging and vomiting. But when he tried recording the song, he could not even finish rapping the first verse without his gag reflexes kicking in. Despite taking frequent breaks, skipping meals and drinking Pepto-Bismol milkshakes, he still could not record even the first two lines of the song without gagging and vomiting. The song was simply too disgusting.

Diz Guzting made a few more attempts to record his song, even recording one word at a time but even that didn’t work. Once again his gagging and vomiting reflexes kicked in and he had to stop. Unfortunately he would not live to try again. That evening he would be blown to bits by an unknown assailant armed with a bazooka at a crowded bowling alley (see “Who Killed Diz Guzting?“), forever leaving the song unrecorded and the album incomplete.

Numerous rappers decided to honor Diz Guzting’s legacy by recording his song but they too had difficulty with the disgusting lyrics and ended up gagging and vomiting instead. The song made its way around the world and despite being translated to other languages, not one rapper could perform it without getting sick.

Finally, French rapper Jacques Proof managed to successfully record the song in one take, but afterwards he complained of dizziness and dropped dead in the studio. To honor his legacy, the recording has been deleted and the song remains unrecorded.

The question continues to longer and plague the world of hip hop: Is there a rapper alive that can record this song and live? Could it be you?

The song can be found at this web site and has been archived 25 times for your protection with the password the computed result of dividing the number of people wearing mismatched socks at the office across the street from the bank where Woolworths used to be, by zero.

And good luck.

You’ll need it.


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