Free CD burning.

I use DeepBurner for backing up data on my hard drive to CD. There’s a freeware version available that allows you to burn CD’s from ISO image filess, create data CD’s and music CD’s. It works really well and I highly recommend it.
Also available is the reasonably priced DeepBurner Pro, which does what the freeware edition does, except it also makes video DVD’s and photo CD’s. At $25, it’s way cheaper than the CD burning software you’ll find at the store.
But if you’re just going to make CD’s from ISO image files, data CD’s and music CD’s, the freeware version of Deep Burner will serve you well.


  1. Elena says:

    CD Burning is essential for anyone wanting to backup their computer data to CD or DVD. The software usually allow you to save data on CD or DVD, as well as creating audio CD's from MP3, WAV, WMA, and other types of files.

    Thanks !!!!
    Wireless Camera Hunter

  2. I always prefer to go with Nero, I love it. Always I write & protect my CD's through Nero. But right now I don't have its new version of the software..

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