Remembering Zug.

Last night I decided to visit, the Web’s only comedy site. I hadn’t been there in years and was curious about what craziness they’ve been up to lately, but when I tried loading the site, the site I’ve known and loved was no more. Zug actually folded in 2013 but I didn’t find this out until last night.

During its heyday, Zug was the place for comedy. The staff did pranks and parodies, but most of all they had fun with pumpkins. I still have the videos of their pumpkin drop in which pumpkins were hollowed out and each filled with common grocery items, such as mayonnaise, nacho cheese sauce and pickled sausages prior to being dropped from the top of an 8-story building. Watching them explode on the pavement gave me a certain satisfaction that lingers to this day.

My fondest memory of Zug was my participating in their link exchange program. They were willing to link back to sites with the nerve to display this Zug-O-rific badge:


I was so desperate for some traffic that I was willing to deface my own site this way. I decided to take things even lower by including a page with an image featuring an entire school of the elusive Zugfish:


Only then did I feel ready to submit my site for consideration. And my trick worked. My site got listed in their links section, which did help send some traffic my way. Every little bit helps.

Zug may be gone now, but its spirit lives on whether you like it or not.

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