Low Light Mixes.

I was recently searching iTunes for a podcast with news on upcoming meteor showers when I came across an interesting-sounding episode entitled Music for the Perseid Meteor Shower. That episode led me to the Low Light Mixes podcast, specializing in hour-long mixes of some very relaxing ambient music. When I gave it a listen I found the music so enchanting that I now subscribe to this podcast.

As of this writing I haven’t heard all the episodes but there are some that I enjoy so much that I saved them for repeated enjoyment. I list them here, in no particular order:

  • Space Rock – Mellow space rock instrumentals. The 14 tracks are so well integrated that it sounds like one continuous space jam.
  • Cartridge – an ambient 8-bit adventure – An ingenious mix of vintage 8-bit video game music.
  • Driving All Night – This one perfectly captures the mood of going on long drives in the night. This one is my favorite.
  • Across the Water – The one episode that blew me away. Highly atmospheric and deeply soothing.

If you’re looking for a podcast with music to help you unwind from a day on this hectic planet, this is it.

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