Captain James’s flying sailboat.

On a park bench I sit
Under a cool, starry sky
My mind distracted
By worries from all directions
My job
My money problems
My life
As if on cue
A sailboat gently lands on the grass
With a cheerful old man at the helm
“Good evening,” Captain James tips his hat,
“Would you like a ride?”
I heartily accept his offer
And climb aboard
Then the Captain tightens the sails
And we lift off to the sky
Rising above the trees
Until my worries are as small
As the buildings below
And only then do I realize
My worries are but grains of sand
In the huge swirling mass of the universe
Too small to affect anything
Not even the outcome
As if reading my mind
Captain James nods in agreement
As we sail across the night sky
Above the sea of clouds
Sparkling in the warm embrace
Of the full Moon from above

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