The Man in the Attic, Part 3.

Ian walked down the aisle between the empty desks and computers in a strange room of an underground office building. Then he stopped to study the first computer in the front row, which was showing a satellite image of the hurricane just off the coast of Florida. Also visible was a smaller window displaying the number 140 along with a plus and minus sign that served some unknown purpose. Before Ian knew it, his hand was on the mouse as he steered the cursor towards the plus sign.


The number was now 141.

When he clicked on the minus sign, the number returned to its original value. He was unsure of what this meant.

Then Ian moved on to the next computer. It too had a similar satellite image, but this one had a window bearing a large “W” along with eight arrows pointing in various directions in the manner of a compass. Ian found he could click on any one of the arrows and watch the letter change to indicate which arrow was clicked. Again he was clueless as to its meaning.

Then it dawned on him.

The number 140 on the first computer seemed to indicate the hurricane’s windspeed, which could be changed by the computer. The second computer appeared able to change the hurricane’s direction of travel. The third computer could change the hurricane’s size.

“My God,” Ian muttered as he stood up, “these computers are controlling the hurricane.”

A gun clicked behind Ian’s head.

“Congratulations,” Agent W said, “you know too much.”

To be continued…

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