Camp Bratville.

Junior Garvin was a handsome boy.
But his behavior could break a toy.
Amy Pasty was a pretty girl,
But she had the guts to break a world.
What did these people have in common?
Way out yonder in Lake Mayammon,
There was a camp, a Camp Bratville,
To all the kids that acted like swills.
This always trained to be nice.
Too nice, in fact, they would bow to mice.
This is how the kids often go to camp
A week passes and they are damp
The kids are young gentlemen,
They satisfy their women and men.

SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 1976
The kids were gathered, wet in tears,
They kept on crying despite outside cheers.
Then, the ugly campmaster came out
She began to bawl and really shout,
“Come on! Come on! You silly shrips!
I’ve got my deadly leather whip!
Obey my orders and you’ll survive,
Along with that you never ride
With secret arrangements by your mom
I’ve got my secret power gong!
Hey, Gus, get over here, Gus!
It’s time now to board the bus!”
The kids were sad, and the parents, too,
What a touching scene for you!
The bus went on and roared its roar
Nobody there would have been bored.
The bus soon arrived at the camp
The children’s hearts were still quite damp.
The campmaster slammed on the brakes,
Everyone rolled over and bounced and baked.
The bus was very hot and large,
The bus was like a huge barge.
The campmaster stood up and yelled,
“Shut up! Must I boldly tell
How dumb you are in your behavior.
But now, it’s time to change that gore.
Yo’s my name, short for Yolanda
Don’t you use the phone to call the mama,
We have no phone after all,
So, don’t you make a single call.
Because we want to end that gore,
We’re going to change your behavior!”
Yo started the bus and arrived at camp,
The children’s hearts were still quite damp.
The started and stared at the site,
The tents were saggy and bleached white.
But there was a tent that looked new,
Tall and bold, and luxurious, too.
One boy thought it his, but no!
That very tent belonged to Yo.
“Get away from there!” yelled Yo,
“Go to your tent, just go, go, go!”
Then there was a girl who screamed
A skunk in the tent stopped its dream,
It sprayed and ran outside,
Yo wanted her to go inside.
Soon it was time for the best,
The kids had to take the swimming test.
Then Yo came up and directed them too
Up to a River named River Takestoo.
It was muddy and slimy and boy, was it grosser!
A boy walked out of it and looked like a monster!
It looked wet and it looked totally brown,
The kids felt even more down and down.
Yo yelled, “Jump! Jump! Jump in, you brats!”
The kids jumped and landed with splats.
Then Yo yelled, “Come on, come on, GO!”
To swim in Takestoo is to swim in potatoes
All mashed and wet and runny with water.
The kids could not go a single waddle.
They were sinking in quickmud. “Ha-ha!”
Thought Yo, “They cannot swim! Mama!”
When the kids were sinking, and sinking fast,
Yo just walked directly right past.
The kids were pulling themselves out
Most of them could not shout
They were tired and they were pooped
When they could not even move.
Yo announced something overpowered,
Camp Bratville did not have a shower!
That night at dinner, they had liver
And other junk that made them shiver,
And at bedtime, the dried up mud
Could not even land with a thud.

To be continued…

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