Ian the prisoner.

Ian sat alone at end of the table in the prison mess hall. His eyes were focused on the uneaten food in front of him but he could feel the stares from all around the room. He tried to ignore the glaring eyes but failed. Finally, he could take no more.

“Some welcome this is,” Ian shouted as he angrily rose to his feet. “Here I am, forever without my home, my family and my freedom. I thought there was some support system here to help me cope with my new life in prison, but no, you all detest me because of my crime. You even stoop low enough to dump a bucket of acid on me during the night. LOOK AT ME! The acid left me bald and permanently scarred! I look like Freddy Krueger! Is this how you welcome the new arrivals?”

“Um, that wasn’t acid,” one of the nearby prisoners spoke up.

“THEN WHAT WAS IT?” Ian shot back.


“WATER?? Then how -”

Ian stopped. He reached up to his face to pull off the Freddy Krueger mask. Then laughter began to ensue from around the mess hall.

“Oh,” Ian sighed as he sat down. “That’s different.”

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