Saladin file manager.

It all began when I installed the recent Creators Update for Windows 10. Up to that point the Xplorer2 file manager had been running smoothly without any problems. Its dual-window interface made copying and moving my files a breeze. I found it so handy that I bought a license to continue using it.

Then came the Creators Update. After it was installed, Xplorer2 suddenly reported that it had expired and I needed to purchase an upgrade. This made no sense. Here’s a program that’s worked flawlessly for years and suddenly it’s expired? Rather than shell out my scarce, hard-earned money for the upgrade, I decided to look around for a free dual-window file manager instead.

It’s here I found Saladin, which is similar to Xplorer2 but is open source and free to use. Its interface is simpler and less overwhelming than Xplorer2 which has more features aimed at the power user. Saladin seems ideal for beginners or just those who like to keep file management simple but with the power of dual panes. I still prefer the file search abilities of Xplorer2, which delivers better results.

I decided to re-visit the Xplorer2 web site to leave some constructive feedback when I noticed that there were older versions available for those who didn’t choose to upgrade, so I re-installed and unlocked an older version, so I’m back in business. I took the time to invest in Xplorer2, and I intend to get my money’s worth.

By the way, I sent an e-mail to Xplorer2’s author asking if his program does in fact expire. He said no, they don’t expire as long as I don’t want to upgrade. So there.

So ultimately, I think installing the Creators Update for Windows 10 may have erased the license information for Xplorer2. Had I known that in the first place, I wouldn’t have gone through this mess to begin with. But at least I found a great new program along the way.

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