The return of

Back in 2000, I registered for the web site I once had. For a while it was cool having my very own domain name and a growing web site to match. Over time, though, I became tired of running my web site and decided to shut it down. As for my domain name, I decided to let that expire on its own.  Since then changed owners numerous times as other companies snatched it up. For a while, was a generic portal site and later turned into another site for selling jewelry.  Then it flew overseas to Asia for use by someone there to fill with oriental text. I really wanted my own domain back but could not afford the $1,200 price tag it had at one time.

Today I decided to visit to see its latest incarnation and got a notification that the server could not be found. That filled me with hope that my domain was available for registration again and after a quick domain whois lookup, I found out to my delight that was indeed once again up for grabs.

13 years after I first registered it, is once again back in my hands. It will be hosted here on WordPress where it will continue serving this blog.  I have no intention on ever letting go of my domain again.


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